Hidden crises are all-pervading in the world we are living in and shoddy projects are scattered everywhere. Many apparently solid objects are actually fragile. Those products, offered by manufacturers who give up quality in order to gain profits, will both defraud consumers and also generate numerous problems as long as they get to the market. Those problems are hidden while also known to everyone. In this regard, I’d like to expose and criticize on such a social phenomenon with a relatively direct artistic form, trying to arouse popular consciousness on such a prevalent social problem.

After numerous turn-over formwork experiments, including turn-over formwork for many objects and various explorations, I was finally able to turn over screws with gypsum. The achievements include 2000 gypsum nuts and 2000 gypsum caps, which were piled up for photographing in on-going construction sites. They are commonly seen and necessary objects in projects and they are requisite for house constructions.

Nuts and caps themselves should be solid as they are made of metals. They are used to anchor objects in order to ensure security. However, caps made of gypsum are quite fragile and they get broken easily.

That’s why I take pictures of gypsum caps in doorframes that need to be anchored. All of these were done to imply that firm buildings boast hidden crisis.